September 11, 2015


Welcome to the HAPPIEST GYM ON EARTH! We are a small facility with a huge heart. Everyday we help people just like you, people that have the same struggles and the same crazy busy lives. Our members are normal everyday people trying to get a little bit better everyday.

We are “Small Town USA.” You know that feeling when you walk down the streets of a small town, that feeling of being safe, the smile and kind “hello” from a stranger. The stranger that feels like a long lost friend. That’s the feeling our members have, constantly we hear from new members…”everyone is so nice.”

The other gyms, they are the “Big City.” When you go to the city, your in a sea of people and yet totally alone. With us, you’re never alone.

NO JERKS ALLOWED! I often find myself telling people how we have no jerks in the gym. Most people are good-hearted people that have been bogged down from work and life and the negativity that surrounds them. After a few times with us, our positive vibe helps to break their slump and turn things around. Nothing I love more than seeing someone come in exhausted from a tough day at work, only to see them 5 minutes later smiling and having a great time. We fix bad days!

Have you ever walked into a gym and instantly felt like an outsider, like you don’t belong? Don’t feel alone, I hear that story all the time. We give our people a place they can finally feel at home, a place they can truly belong.

Out of shape? No problem, we can fix that. Overweight? No problem, we can fix that. Weak? No problem, we can fix that.

You did the hard part, we will take it from here.

Adam Volcskai - Owner/Founder

I have been training in some form for 15 years and training others for 9 years. I got serious about weight training while in high school. I was an average football player on a great football team; those two don’t go together very well. I was incredibly fortunate to have an awesome strength coach in high school that had very high expectations. I loved training for football; I actually enjoyed it more than playing football or any of the other sports I played for that matter. I played baseball my whole life and stopped playing half way through high school so that I would not miss training with the football team in the offseason. To this day I do not regret this decision, it made me who I am. I loved the energy that our weight room had, especially on squat day! I loved the fact that we had our entire team in there trying to outdo each other. The music would bump, chalk would fly and we moved some weight. Thinking about it now still gets me fired up. I still credit those high school years lifting with my team as giving me a huge advantage over my peers when I went to Bloomsburg University and sat in my Exercise Science classes.

Throughout college I trained various people, some friends, my now wife, and the occasional MMA fighter. I also worked with Bloomsburg University’s Baseball team alongside my friend and mentor; Ben Eshelman. During this time I also worked at a health club, Bloom Health and Fitness and continued to work there up until May of 2014 when I left to take Iron Crush to the next level. I made some awesome friends while there including my clients, many of whom I am very close with. While working at the health club I knew something was missing. I missed the weight room feeling and a team of guys all training together. In early 2012 I founded Iron Crush Strength and Conditioning in Bloomsburg to get back to my roots. The first 2 years of Iron Crush were awesome! Everyone got stronger and loved training hard seeing their improvements come faster than they ever thought possible. Due to multiple reasons my wife and I decided to move to the Lehigh Valley and that I would take the gym with me. We have since grown from our original location of 326 square feet to 1036 square feet in our new location. Enough back-story…

I like to joke that I am a mini meathead and take pride in being stronger than people think I am. When it comes to training I see myself as a tactician, constantly trying to figure out what my clients need to have continued improvement. I am a 2008 graduate of Bloomsburg University’s Exercise Science Department. I also try to maintain a positive attitude and be friendly to everyone I meet. I am very happily married to my awesome wife Melissa and do my best to be the ultimate family man.

Adam Volcskai
Kevin Bohm

Kevin Bohm

Kevin has been involved in the strength and conditioning world for 8 years now, and he is only 23 years old. He began training at the age of 14, fell in love with it, and has made it his passion and his life’s work. In his high school years, when he was not wrestling or playing football, he spent his days training and counseling young athletes ranging from ages 5 to 13 at a strength/speed camp run by his former high school trainer. Kevin’s credentials include being a recent graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania as well as having received his CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) Certification from the famous Defranco’s Gym in New Jersey in May of 2014. In addition to his love for making people strong, his particular skill set includes a wide range of movements/techniques for getting people more flexible and mobile as well as relieving a wide variety of aches and pains you may be experiencing on a day to day basis. When he’s not in the gym or training, he loves to spend his free time hunting, watching professional sports, and reading. He currently lives in Hackettstown, New Jersey with his parents, two younger brothers and younger sister.