Strength Is Empowering

The pursuit of strength is a very empowering activity.

I often see people come into the gym a little on the timid side, maybe with a list of aches and pains, and little experience with exercise of any kind. Many times they have a preconceived notion of what exercise is and what it should be, often these ideas are a blend of misinformation they have gotten from hearsay, magazines, and television.

Once they start training with us they see that the limits they thought they had were oftentimes getting in the way of their own success. They begin to move better with more coordination. They notice they get out of bed easier in the morning, less aches and pains. They no longer get out of breath at the drop of a hat. They get stronger and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

I firmly believe that if you want a better life building a stronger, fitter, more resilient body will have a domino effect of positive actions in your life.

After a few months, maybe even a few weeks that timid individual is now empowered and excited about their own successes and progress in the gym. They are now confident in the gym and that confidence carries over to every aspect of their life.

Adding something positive to your life, in this case exercise/strength training will result in more than you ever imagined.

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