September 11, 2015

The Difference


IC30 is our signature small group personal training program. Safe, sustainable, and effective, our small group keeps things fun yet personal. Everything you need to succeed on your journey to better health and fitness wrapped into an efficient 30-minute package. Designed to improve our busy lives, we always do what’s best for you, not what’s most convenient for us.

Iron Crush Training

IC 1-1 Personal Training

One to One Personal Training will always have a place with us. We have found that some of our members simply need the extra focus of a dedicated 1-1 trainer. From severe accident victims, high achievers, or the true novices, 1-1 training expands our reach to our members that simply may not be a good fit or a safe fit for a group program. From making health, fitness, and strength accessible to people with extreme situations or simply making you more comfortable in the gym 1-1 personal training may be right for you.