Training Can Change Your Life

One of the things I love about what we do here at Iron Crush is the effect we have on our people. This goes well beyond what they can do physically.

I hate to see people come in after a rough day and be in a bad mood or exhausted, no one likes to feel that way and I do not like seeing people that way.

I love taking someone who simply struggled mentally or physically to make it to the gym that day transform in during their training session. We send them our happy, peppy, positive, you can do this attitude at them until they start smiling instead of frowning. Between the positive vibe we have here and the sense of accomplishment they feel they can literally transform their day.

When someone comes in to train after a rough day I love to ask them “do you feel better than when you got here?” They always answer with Yes!

Training can make a bad day good, if you have enough good days you will look back and say you had a good life!

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