Training In A Group Is Awesome

At Iron Crush we very rarely do 1-1 personal training anymore. The vast majority of the time we train all of our members in small groups, generally 2-6 people.

When I made the transition from training 1-1 to training in small groups everyones results skyrocketed!

Training people together is better for everyone.

It allows more flexibility for our members which means they rarely miss sessions. With 1-1 personal training, if someone missed their session there was rarely a time we could fit them back in, now there is always an option.

It is way more fun! We often have people who are nervous to train with others, they have done personal training before, thats all they know. Once they get used to training in a group they never want to go back.

There is a sense of camaraderie when you train together, at least at our gym. We have an environment that in which everyone encourages each other. We have great people, we are a family forged in iron and sweat.

We are all on the same team but there is still a sense of competition. Everyone has someone to compete with. On the same note that person you compete against is still the first person, or a close second after myself to give you a high five.

There is more energy in the room, the more the better. There is nothing like coming in after a tough day and walking into a room full of people that are excited to be here. The group has a power to change your day and your motivation.

Training in a group is awesome! You get better results, meet new people that are on the same journey as you, and have more fun!

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